Project Health serves as the go-to source for peer health education on The University of Alabama’s campus and provides health education resources for all students using a peer to peer model. The organization is segmented into five distinct branches, each focusing on a different target population. Project Health provides health education resources that are all free of charge to students.

Weekly Outreach

Project Health is on campus approximately 60 hours each week through various tabling efforts and informal interactions. Students may come into contact with a Health Advocate on the Quad or may stop by the Health Hut in one of its various locations. Each branch of Project Health covers a different health topic each week, stemming from a larger main topic. No matter which branch of Project Health you talk to, you’ll always get different information!

Advocacy Programs

Our Health Advocates branch plans 3-4 advocacy programs each semester. Each advocacy program focuses on a different health topic, and gives students a chance to engage more in depth with that topic. Follow our social media accounts to make sure you’re in the loop!

Annual Programs

Project Health collaborates with the Department of Health Promotion and Wellness on several different programs each year. Wellness Week takes place every September and offers a week full of health programs all over campus. Project Health also participates in the annual Sexual Responsibility Week, Alcohol Awareness Week, and Body Appreciation Week.


Project Health peer educators are available to come to classrooms, chapter houses, student organizations, and more to give health-related presentations. Presentations must be requested two weeks in advance. If the topic you’re looking for is not on our program list, send us and email! We are more than happy to create a new program to fit your needs.

To request a program for a classroom, student organization, or residence hall, visit our Health Ambassadors Program List.

To request a program for a Greek chapter, visit our Gamma Program List.