Alabama law says that bikes are held to the same laws and responsibilities as cars. So in case you didn’t know – YES, you can get a ticket on a bike! You can even get a DUI for biking under the influence. As a vehicle, you must obey all traffic signals and signs, just as you were if you were driving. Just as you would with a car, it is also necessary to keep up with bike maintenance to keep it safe and efficient. Check your tires and brakes regularly.

Bike Safety Tips

  • Wear a helmet! It’s not the coolest look, but neither is a cracked skull.
  • Use your signals and obey the traffic signals! It might be possible to run that red light, but it’s much safer for you and vehicles to obey the signals.
  • Use lights at night. It can be difficult to see bikers at night, so make sure you wear a headlight, rear light, and reflectors.
  • Register your bike on campus! Students are required to register their bike through UA. It’s always important to lock your bike when you’re not using it, but in the case something happens, UA will be able to locate you!

This app offers students a way to connect with UAPD and also with additional “guardians”. The app has a feature that allows students to have family and friends “watch over them” by sharing times and information about their location when they may not have access to their cell phones. Additionally, the app features a timer that begins when a student leaves a location, and they turn off when they arrive. If the timer isn’t turned off, UAPD is contacted. The app is also tied to Smart911, which allows participating 911 centers to see emergency information you share with them. Download the app on myBama or on the app store!

Campus Safety

The University of Alabama is a great place to live! But like any campus or any city, it’s important to take safety precautions to make sure that you stay safe. here are a few tips that you should make sure to practice regularly to ensure that you stay as safe as possible! If you ever feel unsafe, or need help, make sure to call UAPD at 205-348-5454.

  • Lock your doors to your apartment, residence hall, or home. It may seem simple, but it happens less than you think! Make sure to lock your door before you set down your keys so you don’t forget.
  • Don’t post extended absences online. This includes checking in places when you go out. It not only lets people know where you are, it lets people know where you’re not.
  • Always walk at night with a friend. Don’t let your friends walk home at night alone, and don’t walk alone yourself! Make sure that each person has a “buddy” that they’ll leave with at the end of the night if the group happens to split up.
  • Don’t text and drive/walk. Make sure you keep your eyes on the road, or your eyes on the sidewalk! Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Be proactive about safety. Don’t be afraid to ask your residence hall adviser or campus staff if you have safety questions. Make sure that you engage yourself in safety resources, and encourage your peers to do the same.